About NowFilming.com

Welcome to NowFilming.com multimedia studio, NowFilming.com studio was established in 2012, our main force is in film, advertising, and all kinds of video production. Mainly serve all Chinese people around the world to provide the free video and audio entertainment and we also provide training to the talent filmmaker and give them on-site video production experience.

NowFilming.com create any form of videos, including (but not limited to) movies, advertisements, TV series, news, documentaries, interviews and educational programs.

The audience can search"NowFilmingcom" on YouTube to watching our free video. Most videos can be watched in high definition. To bring the audience a high-quality visual enjoyment.

If you want to create an advertisement or learn more about us. Please E Mail: Nowfilming@hotmail.com

The audience can watch our channel from YouTube. YouTube Search: NowFilmingcom

Except in special cases, all videos are recorded in HD quality. To bring the high-quality visual enjoyment to the audience.

We are currently preparing for the New YouTube movies.

we are currently recruiting volunteers who is insterested in filmmaking, please leave a message on the YouTube channel or Email NowFilming@hotmail.com